Monday, August 29, 2011

A bit of nostalgia from Lutherwald

In the 1980's and early 90's all youth camps at Lutherwald were closed with the staff singing a special song to the campers at the their time of departure.  Somehow over the years that tradition was abandoned and words to the song were lost and forgotten.  Thanks to Chris Miller (past counselor from Lagrange, IN) the words were found and are printed below.

If anyone knows the author of this song or has a recording of the tune please let us know.

(verse 1)
My friends we'll think of you daily,
because we care and know it's true.
We've shared a lot together
and now it's rare that we'll see you.
But we want you to know that God loves you,
And we love you too,
And even if we're hardly ever near we'll be talking to him about you.
We'll be prayin for you every morning,
As we start our day with the Lord.
We'll be prayin that you're walking with Jesus
And abiding in his word
(verse 2)
You see, this Jesus of Nazareth,
means everything to us
He's taken our lives and He's freed our souls
And He's calmed those angry seas.
(verse 3)
We don't know when we'll see you again,
a month, a year, or maybe more.
But if your heart belongs to the Savior,
then we'll see you in the sky if not before.
Author Unknown

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lutherwald Wedding Reception Pictures

 On Saturday, August 6, 2011, former LOMIK staff members Dom Guido & Jessica Turner were joined in marriage at Faith Lutheran church in Fort Wayne.  After the ceremony the wedding party, friends, and family headed to Camp Lutherwld for the reception.

Camp Lutherwald provided a unique and meaningful setting for this "camp couple" to kick off their marriage celebration.  A large tent, dance floor, and catered dinner all added to this special evening's ambiance.  The families and out of town guests spent the weekend in the lake-front Kempski Retreat Center.

 South Twin Lake provided a wonderful background for the evening's celebration!

 The beautiful bride poses for a quick picture before the festivities get underway.

The 60 ' x 60' big top provided plenty of outdoor seating for over 200 guests