Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall at Lutheran Hills

After a long period of inactivity on this site, we are going to try to keep you updated on the events, happenings, and staff working with Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Indiana-Kentucky.

It has just been over two months since the last of our summer staff left the sites and returned to work and school.  While it may seem like that would be a quiet time at camp, I can assure you that our three camps have been anything but quiet! 

The Deckard's said their final good-byes to us on September seventh and since that time Lutheran Hills has been buzzing with a flurry of activity.  The Board, Property Committee, staff and volunteers have spent many days at the camp evaluating facilities and equipment as we prepare for the future at this site.

Samantha Roberts (Interim Camp Manager) and her husband Adam moved into the Lutheran Hills property on September 8, 2012.  Sam can be reached by email at sam@lomik.org or by phone at Lutheran Hills 812-988-2519.

During the following weeks, clean up and renovation projects were started at the barn, the shop, and in Shedron basement.  Those projects along with keeping the grass mowed, buildings clean, and equipment functioning gave all of us a real sense of appreciation for the work the Deckard's provided for the last 22 years.

All through August and September work proceeded on the new sewage treatment project at the camp.  Huge pieces of equipment brought in and buried two 6,000 gallon tanks and over 1400 feet of pipe.  Eight mounds were constructed in a field along Bear Creek Road to treat the effluent.  As of today, October 16, the new "Presby" system is fully operational and Lutheran Hill's septic issues should be solved for many years.
Here is a picture of the mounds under construction in late August.

Finally, a limited tree harvest on 40 of our 720 acres is currently underway.  Weather permitting this project should wrap up within the week.  The proceeds will provide some funding for the $160,000 Presby project.


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